Cost-Effective Consulting that Delivers Solid Business Results

Project Management presents specific challenges. This is in particular the case when it comes to Large, Complex Projects implemented over long durations.

Project Value Delivery provides a unique blend of hands-on experience and proven methods to address our Clients' business issues in the most effective way possible. We are recognized globally for our expertise and impact on Project-driven businesses.

Our Vision

To be Recognized as The Worldwide Project Leadership Support, Development and Resource Provider for Large, Complex Projects.

We deliver unique Value to project management organizations worldwide by supporting critical transition phases of large, complex projects. We contribute decisively to their long term success by developing their project leadership teams and their infrastructure. We research, identify and develop project leadership and management best practices and share them across industries for the benefit of our clients.


The Second Editions of our Acclaimed books on Schedule and Cost Control Are Available

Following several years of success and thousands of books serving as a reference for project professionals globally, the second editions of our books on Schedule and Cost Control are now available! Visit our books page for more details, exclusive access to key content.

Our books are available in hardcopy on all e-bookshops globally, and are available in Kindle format.

Industrial Projects Practical Owner Guide

Our new book for owners is published and we intend it to become an essential practical reference for owners, in particular those who are not implementing industrial projects frequently. Visit our books page for more details, exclusive access to key content.

Hardcopies of our book is available in English and French on all e-bookshops globally, and in Kindle format.

Our Method and Products

Our approach and method lead to extremely effective interventions for our Clients. We intervene at all levels of the Project value chain, from individual projects to portfolios and entire Project-driven organizations.

  • We are only senior consultants with hands-on experience in the Project industry,
  • We work on part-time retainer to minimize cost and we promote embedded consulting for long-lasting change,
  • Because we understand the business at executive level, we deliver great value in all areas: cost-optimization, value creation, project-driven organization accounting review, etc.

Visit our Methodology page and Products page for more information.

Building a Reference

As part of our mission, our ambition is to become a resource of reference for Large, Complex Projects - always with the aim to make those projects more reliably successful, thus avoid wasting unnecessary resources and talents,and improving our overall well-being.

These set of resources include:

We also provide customized editions of our handbooks for our clients, taking into account their particular terminology, processes and systems. Contact us.

Latest Presentations

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