Our Values

At Project Value Delivery, we uphold and honor values that we know are important for our Clients. Our consulting and training interventions are always focused on the interest of our Clients. We will only accept assignments where we believe that we can effectively contribute in terms of Value, significantly more than the cost of our intervention.

We want our Clients to consider Project Value Delivery's intervention as the most worthwhile investment they can do to unleash the potential value from their projects and organizations.

We uphold and honor Project Value Delivery's values:

  • Passion for project management and leadership
  • Integrity to the interests of our clients
  • Customized, simple and effective solutions
  • Action-oriented, hands-on intervention
  • Seeking the right combination of soft and system approaches
  • Developing and connecting project management leaders and best practices across industries
  • Never compromising the long term for the short term

We recognize that to be effective, our interventions will involve access to confidential business information and make it a point to treat all information provided to us with the utmost confidentiality and integrity.