We Partner with Key Enablers to Deliver Maximum Value to our Clients

Project Value Delivery partners with carefully chosen organizations in some niche activities with the aim to enhance our capabilities and deliver exceptional value to our Clients.

All our partnerships are non exclusive and are considered as enablers only. They do not prevent us to consider better alternatives if they fit better the particular situation of our Client.


Our special partnership with ProjectAppServices (a sister company) allows us to benefit from its suite of focused project management enhancing apps.

We are particularly excited by their MobiProjects product which has the potential to transform Large, Complex Project Management thanks to mobile technology, erasing the need for cumbersome remote paperwork.

Nuclear & Nuclear Decommissioning

CleanuC provides nuclear project management, safety and decommissioning expertise, mainly in France.

Specialized Resources

First Commissioning Services provides commissioning expertise worldwide for oil & gas projects.