Project Value Delivery, a comprehensive range of resources and solutions.

Our Current Product Highlights

Owner Programme Management Assistance: Our experience at your service for project success

Properly structuring, leading and controlling the execution of a large complex program or project are three key success factors. Building on our practical execution experience and our method we can effectively assist you, the Owner, in implementing these factors on your construction project.

We get involved at all stages of project set-up and execution. Since the preliminary stages often determine the success of the endeavour we like to get involved early to help the Owner structure its team and its contracting strategy.

Download our Programme management flyer in English

Assistance à Maîtrise d'Ouvrage en français

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Project Cost Review and Optimization

Want to optimize your cost basis for a project or a portfolio of projects, in particular in the current industry context? We offer a specific intervention based on our deep experience in Project Management and Project Procurement enhanced by a proprietary analysis approach aimed at reviewing and optimizing your cost basis:

  • Overall Project and Project Portfolio cost optimization analysis
  • Project Procurement Strategy development
  • Procurement plans optimization (market and project-specific strategic approach at package level, tactical bidding recommendations (timing, format))
  • Market analysis and rebate negotiation with vendors
  • Reverse Market analysis for Company overall Portfolio

We place a particular emphasis in providing you with practical recommendations that are directly actionable, and we prioritize them so that you can focus your energy on the 2 or 3 actions that will really create significant short term savings at Project or Portfolio level. Download our specific Project Cost Review flyerpdf file

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Project Setup Support

Having to setup a large, complex or EPCI project from scratch, without the infrastructure and/or the people? Our Project Setup Support programs provide the support you need:

  • Facilitation of the Project Setup phase using our proprietary project setup process
  • Support for the setup of the controls and planning aspects (WBS, commitment control system, systems integration, reporting, etc)
  • Team development and integration process
  • Provision of temporary setup personnel and resources
  • Project-specific processes development and training
  • Supporting necessary customized IT systems specification, implementation, training
  • Advanced project management training and Coaching of key project personnel
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Support to Due Diligence and Restructuring for Project-Driven Companies

Project Value Delivery's deep expertise and understanding in project management is a key asset for any due diligence related to project-driven organizations, where usual financially- driven due diligence are not sufficient. Project Value Delivery can also help you coordinate and assess the issues related to the integration of two project-driven organizations, be it following a merger or an acquisition; or the issues related to deep restructuring following, for example, a turn-around. These projects are always carried out in the most confidential manner. Our sensitivity to organizational cultural issues as well as our broad understanding of financial, leadership, organizational issues makes us the ideal partner to be the impartial coordinator you need in these sensitive moments.

References available on request.

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Project Procurement Upgrading

We can setup or enhance significantly your Procurement organization and processes, either at a single Project level or at an organizational level:

  • Development of Procurement process and procedures, with a particular highlight on the procurement of services
  • Development of commodity management
  • Organization and development of supplier panel / supplier base
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Project Health Check

Want to measure the current health of your current project(s), be they simple or complex? It is easy and quick with our holistic project health check process:

  • Project health check audit and surveys
  • Project team health check surveys
  • Prioritization of findings, benchmarking, recommendations

Download our detailed Project Health Check product description pdf file

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Project Management Maturity Level Measurement

Want to measure the project management maturity level of your organization and benchmark it with the industry? It is easy and quick using our proprietary surveys:

  • Project Management Maturity level surveys (online and/or face-to-face)
  • Survey report, best practices benchmark and useful recommendations

This highlighted product is definitely recommended for companies that have successfully executed simple projects and are considering growing into larger and more complex projects. Our maturity assessments are a secure and quick way for you to measure candidly what is the situation of your organization and whether you are ready to take the challenge of a large complex project with a high probability of being successful. Give it a try, it is simple and cheap, and delivers a huge Value for the organization!

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Project Health Assurance

Want to have the right assurance that your project(s) health is being properly monitored on a continuous basis? Retainer-based, we follow-up their health throughout the project life-cycle, support the team on a continuous basis and raise issues when they appear:

  • Regular health check audit and surveys
  • Our experience available to the project core team at the touch of a phone
  • Facilitation services
  • Ongoing coaching of key project personnel
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Project & Enterprise Risk Analysis

Feel the need to have a better grasp on your project (schedule and cost) and technical risk? We have a unique understanding of risk processes and issues for large, complex projects, either at the single project level, or aggregated at the organization level. Our deep risk expertise is there to support you:

  • Development of organization-wide risk profile and risk management processes
  • Specific risk management processes development and training (project risk & opportunities, technical risk – reliability and prevention of major accidents)
  • Facilitation of project risk & opportunities sessions
  • Facilitation of technical risk sessions (FMEA, fault tree analysis)
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Project Emergency Recovery Intervention

A project is turning out to be in trouble? Our experienced team can support you:

  • Independent diagnostic of the situation
  • Recommendation as to the way forward
  • Development of a recovery plan
  • Mediation with stakeholders/client
  • Provision of temporary/transition personnel
  • Coaching of key project personnel
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Holistic Company-wide Project Management Processes Setup

Need to setup a company-wide Project Management related processes and systems for the execution of large, complex (EPCI) projects? Or just fill some crippling gaps of your processes and systems? Our experience is at your service:

  • Processes development and training in all areas relevant to project management and execution for large, complex projects
  • Supporting IT systems implementation: specification, development project management, implementation, training
  • Advanced project management training and Coaching of key project personnel
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Total Quality implementation in Project Organizations

Total Quality has been implemented for years in manufacturing industries; its implementation in project-oriented organizations is only starting. A Total Quality program is a powerful way to change the organization’s culture into a more fluid, participative and effectiveness oriented culture. It is a great tool to enhance the organization’s capabilities and the consistency of complex project delivery.

We have used the Total Quality approach extremely successfully in project-oriented organizations that had to change their culture after a turn-around following chronic poor project performance. Project Value Delivery boosts an unequalled track-record implementing this tool in leading project-oriented organizations.

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Advanced Project Management Training

Want to be sure that your project teams are ready to take on a large, complex (EPCI) project? Our proprietary Advanced Project Management Trainings, delivered by professionals experienced in large, complex (EPCI) projects, is ideal and can be customized to fit your needs and processes:

  • Advanced training modules specifically designed around the challenges of large, complex (EPCI) projects. Our most popular modules are courses on Project Management, Advanced Cost Control, Advanced Project Scheduling for Project Managers, and Advanced Risk Management.
  • Extensive modules on “project soft power”, our proprietary approach to unleashing the talent of the project team
  • Training sessions can be combined with on-the-job coaching of key project personnel for maximum effectiveness
  • Coaching of Project Directors, Project Managers and senior project personnel

Download our Advanced Trainings profilespdf file

We also provide customized editions of our handbooks for our clients, taking into account their particular terminology, processes and systems. Contact us.

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High Potentials Development for Project Organizations

As an organization, you need to develop the next generation of Project Leaders. We have a unique, proven High Potentials Development Program that combine hand-on training and personalized coaching to accelerate the transformation of your High Potentials:

  • Development of soft skills (personal and interpersonal skills, public communication etc)
  • Development and implementation of personal development plans leveraging on workplace experience
  • The personalized coaching approach allows to tackle personal issues as they impact day-to-day performance and growth

Download our High Potentials Development Program profilepdf file

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