Reap True Value From Merger & Acquisitions

The Oil & Gas sector is definitely moving into deep restructuring and M&A this year. Noesis Consulting Solutions and Project Value Delivery have joined forces to propose companies in the O&G sector unparalleled experienced and support team – the OGMA Task Force – when they decide to develop through restructuring, joint venture or M&A.

OGMA Task ForceOGMA Task Force consultants have been part of most of the major offshore construction companies’ set-up/turnaround in the last years (CSO, Technip, Sapura/Acergy, S7, Emas, SBM, etc.)

From the due diligence to the realisation of the synergies we can assist, support and advise top Executives and company’s key departments involved in the process to make sure companies can reap true benefits from the M&A.

OGMA Task Force differentiates through:

  • Real industry knowledge and capacity to evaluate actual condition of ongoing projects and the actual condition of assets (including offshore) – not relying on financial analysis only;
  • Implementation of project management approaches to M&A task force to deliver reliably on time what is needed;
  • Experience in organizational transformation and actual due diligence / M&A
  • Capacity to provide you with the best value – even if it is to recommend not to proceed;
  • Wide coverage including Intellectual Property, Communication and branding, Supply Chain etc.;
  • Limited number of highly expert and powerful contributors – not a diluted team with lots of juniors – and we can work discreetly outside the organization;
  • Dual presence in Singapore and in Europe.


Feel free to contact us, confidentiality is in our DNA: