Our Methodology

Cost-Effective Interventions

Contrary to most consulting companies:

  • We are recognized professionals with hands-on expertise in Project delivery for large projects. When we come, we are immediately effective to produce business results,
  • We bring you readily the best practices in the field of Project Management and Project Controls, that we develop from our numerous assignments,
  • We have only senior consultants - we won't swamp you with junior consultants under training  or high overheads. As a result, for the same outcome our interventions will be much cheaper,
  • We promote embedded consulting - because it is only when your people are part of the transformation project that change will be sustainable in the organization,
  • Our preferred intervention method is part-time on a retainer basis: you pay us only when we work for you. We remain contactable the rest of the time and we are in your premises only when you need us. As a result, the long term interventions required for organizational transformation we come in much more cost-effective than the usual consultants or contractors.

Over time, from our experience, we have developed a series of proprietary tools that structure our interventions and can be readily adapted to your organization. They are another factor that allows us to hit the road when we come in to help you. For example, the following methods are available:

Business-Effective Interventions

Because we have held executive positions in the Project industry, we understand in-depth your business model and your business issues.

Based on our experience and our observation of best practices in the industry, we will advise you:

  • how to optimize your costs (refer to our cost optimization intervention),
  • how to strategize your procurement,
  • what are the adequate KPIs you need to track your organization's performance,
  • how to undertake a business risk review of the business,
  • how you could recognize profit on a project over several legal entities, currencies and fiscal years,
  • how to structure your accounts between overheads, gross margin, asset utilization etc.
  • etc.

We can even help in a due diligence to help you evaluate the worth of a Project-driven company currently executing a portfolio of Projects.