Launch of ProjectAppServices and MobiProjects

We are pleased to announce the launch of ProjectAppServices and the establishment of a close partnership between this new company and Project Value Delivery. This new partner will give us new capabilities to respond to the needs of our Clients, as needed.

ProjectAppServicesProjectAppServices‘ Mission is to create significant value for projects’ execution by selecting and deploying specialized apps or software in the Project environment – with the aim to remain simple and specific to the task at hand.

ProjectAppServices logoProjectAppServices develops customized solutions to Clients for simple and complex projects. For each new product, ProjectAppServices partners with experienced IT integrators, leveraging on existing technical platform or software that can be used or developed for the Clients’ needs.

In particular, the new product MobiProjects shows great potential to revolutionize all those paper-based processes across organizational and geographical boundaries MobiProjects logo(such as vendor inspections, QC inspections, defects management, asset on-hire/ off-hire, logistics commitments, receipt notes etc.) thanks to a ground-breaking mobile platform technology that is: proven, cheap and easy to customize and deploy.

You can contact the ProjectAppServices team at

MobiProjects concept