New Expert’s Corner Paper: Time at Large and Extension of Time

If you come often to visit Project Value Delivery’s website you might have noticed our new ‘Experts’ Corner’. In alignment with our mission to make Large, Complex Projects’ execution more reliable, we make freely available cutting edge knowledge from world-class experts.

constructionThis new section has been opened by a detailed paper on Time at Large and Extension of Time Principles, by Thierry Linares. This excellent paper exposes very clearly the benefits of the new standard forms of contract and why the issue is to important to project execution practitioners. Treatment of time in the contract is an issue for both the Employer and the Contractor and both need to be careful otherwise difficult situations may arise.

This paper has been written by a contract expert and is very readable for all project practitioners of large, complex projects. Don’t miss  Time at Large and Extension of Time Principles, by Thierry Linares!

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