Interview of Project Value Delivery founder by Project Control Academy

We are pleased to share the latest interview of Jeremie Averous with Project Control Academy. The topic of the interview is about project control practices as well as project career, with some personal insight from Jeremie about what brought him to create Project Value Delivery.

More details about the context of this interview and about Project Control Academy on their post ‘Interview with Jeremie Averous, Author of Practical Project Control Manager Handbook and Project Soft Power‘.

Some excerpt: “Jeremie thinks that many project controllers spend majority of their time in areas of their expertise and therefore they may forget about their true role as project controller. For instance, if a project controller used to be a scheduler before becoming a project controller or project control manager, he or she may spend majority of his or her time in their comfort zone of scheduling. However, they have to realize that their role as a project controller or project control manager is consistency across all disciplines.

Project controls is not just about scheduling, cost, or risk. It integrates them all with consistency. And a project controller needs to focus on this important role of creating consistency among various disciplines of project controls. If as a project controller or project control manager you have difficulty with focusing on your role, try to get a mentor or coach so you can refocus on what your role is.”

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