Large Project Owner Specific Role and Associated Requirements (new presentation)

Having had the occasion of giving out a presentation on Project Owner role, what it can delegate or not delegate, we are pleased to share the slides shown at that occasion.

The essential point of this presentation is what the Owner role is, and what it can delegate or not.

The project owner actually has a lot of scope, and most of the owner accountability field cannot actually be delegated, contrary to what most owners would hope for (refer also to our White Paper “What ‘Reserved Scope’ Should Owners Specifically Manage“).

The presentation describes also particularly some rules of proper “owner hygiene” when it comes to collaborative setups with contractors, or when owner and contractor belong to the same group of companies. Adequate governance needs to be enforced to ensure that minimum owner accountability is preserved – the owner must still maintain its own room and have its proper project control in place to be able to maintain the positive tension between the infrastructure lifecycle view of the owner and the short term view of the contractor.

Refer to our new book: Industrial Projects Practical Owner Guide for more details on this subject! (available both in English and French).

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