Proper Practices for Integrated Project Schedules (new presentation)

At the occasion of giving out a webinar we have put together some slides summarising main issues related to integrated project schedules. We are sharing them here as we believe they are of general interest for project managers and project control managers.

The aspects we tackle in this presentation include:

  • the need to limit the level of complication of the integrated project schedule to 1,500 – 2,500 activities (tasks)
  • the need to build a schedule hierarchy that is maintained consistently to accommodate the more detailed registers and schedules needed within each discipline
  • the main characteristics of integrated project schedules
  • how in 5 mins check the technical quality of the integrated project schedule
  • an insight into convergence planning, a tool that brings the right discipline for complex projects

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If you can’t access directly the presentation, here is the link to paste in your browser: